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Poken is revolutionizing the events industry with its innovative and simple solutions to eliminate paper waste and printing costs, boost networking between participants, and generate high quality leads.

Equipped with our products, people can collect digital information in the real world, and exchange all their contact details with a touch.

Connect with people

“Meeting people is the number 1 reason people attend events
  • A leading-edge networking tool 
  • An ice-breaker increasing visitor satisfaction 
  • Tools providing lead generation for exhibitors 
  • Branding and sponsor opportunity  
  • An easy way to exchange personal & company information 

Provide information, get qualified leads

Collecting digital documents “with a touch” is not only green,
it also provides unprecedented insights into what people collect
  • Know who picks up your documents 
  • Learn about which documents are popular 
  • Create a "touch survey" to get additional input from visitor

Lead Generation - Improve Your Event ROI

NFC Touch Marketing Tailored to Your Needs

Visitors come and go, without being identified they skim outside the booth, but don’t engage with your brand, your products, or your staff. 

  • Poken will get you noticed and help you become interactive
  • The Poken Portal provides a high quality information exchange
  • Enjoy event-based lead generation, lead management, and follow up 
  • Obtain statistics on who collects what, at which show

Poken is a revolutionary enterprise lead generation and lead management system

Draw visitors to your booth. Have them engage with your staff and materials Increase the time they spend learning about your products and services. Follow up with them after the show, through an intuitive dashboard, and with metrics


Let's   enhance  your event

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